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School of Dialogue

We help you to prevent and resolve conflict through transformative conversations – so you and your teams can flourish again

Resolve disagreements

From complaints to grievances, disputes to litigation, our expert mediators are well-equipped to support you to find confidential resolutions to the knottiest of disputes

Relate better

Advanced communication fosters enhanced collaboration, and we have tools to boost your creative team-working, whether 1:1, as a team, or alongside your clients and customers

Restore wellbeing

Resolving disagreements and relating better with others is good for our health.  We are specialists in Mental Health First Aid, so psychological wellbeing is at the heart of our work. 

Our clients and the Sectors we work in:

Workplaces & HR

“Arabella was supportive and understanding, listening with patience. She gave me the confidence to express my ideas in our meeting and I found the process to be productive, focussed and extremely helpful. Working with Arabella has improved my working relationships and I am happier and more settled in the workplace.” Employee, workplace mediation


“If Arabella could clone herself and send us a copy! Many thanks – a job very well done.” Trustee – Board dispute
“I found the whole experience incredibly professional and enlightening. I felt supported by you the whole time. All the work you’ve done with us has given immense clarity.” Financial Director, board dispute mediation

Education & Higher Ed

“I highly recommend working with Arabella on team development. Arabella’s warmth and understanding attitude creates an environment where you feel that you can share anything without judgement.” Employee, Workplace Mediation

Healthcare & NHS

“Mediation feels quite daunting, scary and uneasy initially, but after some time of being with Arabella and my colleagues and passing ideas around, you feel much more at ease and start to gain valuable ideas and get somewhere.” Patient (Judicial Review Mediation)
“Arabella was an excellent mediator helping us navigate our way through an initial period of a new team structure.”  Service Manager

“Thank you very much Arabella for all your hard work over the last few months… You helped us to find a new perspective on this extremely complex dispute.” Public law solicitor, Judicial Review (re.Mental Health Act) mediation
“Thank you very much for your help – we found it very useful.” Solicitor (Public Law), Judicial Review Mediation

Social Care

“Mediation is something we never considered. Once there you made us feel safe. The structure of the day gave everyone an opportunity to speak openly but knowing you were there gave us a safe place to do this and not be judged. Thank you once again for enabling us to be listened to and to listen to others.” Foster Carers (Court of Protection Mediation)

Police & Law Enforcement

“I feel a lot more confident to deal with things as they come up now in a calm manner. Thanks for your support – it has made a difference to me and my family.” Social housing tenant, Police referred anti-social behaviour mediation

Local Government & Civil Service

“Time and space to reflect. Support during reflection. An enjoyable experience in a fun and creative atmosphere. You created a supportive and safe atmosphere where I felt able to express any fears and concerns, and you were great at enabling me to work through thought-processes and reach outcomes.”  Manager, Local government mediation

Mediation providers

“Thanks a million for your assistance. It was wonderful to have your support with the technical side, emotional support for particular parties and especially for your tenacity in drafting  the agreement.” Mediator, on assistance provided for a Court of Protection mediation

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